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Pay as you go

  • You pay service charge for using the app, each event will be in a different price .
  • Money you pay have nothing to do with restaurants, it’s a service charge for using the app .
  • If you wish to go with a friend or more you will have to pay for them too, for example if the event fee is 20AED and you wanna go with +1 so you will pay 40AED, if you wanna go +2 you will pay 60AED.
  • How you will be charged and when? Once you are selected for the event we will notify you , that you are selected if you confirm you can attend, we will send you a link to make the payment then after the payment done, we will send you an invitation.
  • In case of cancellations 4hrs in advance as per terms, your payment will be kept to use for future event or we can refund.
  • In case of cancellations after the deadline as per terms, will be no refund or moving the money to future event.

Payment Method :

  • Each event fee will be charged through a link to be sent over instagram if you will be selected .
  • We accept Only Online Payment ( Cards & Apple Pay)

Refund & Support :


Frequently Asked Questions :

  • Why I have to pay ?

We charge you a service fee, you have been using the app almost 2 years free of charge, but this fee goes to maintain the app and to keep the service working .

  • Do i pay the money for the restaurant  ?

No, service Fee goes to our app, the fee you pay has nothing to do with the restaurant.

  • How can I pay ?

we will still operating as usual, if you are selected, we will notify you, then we send you online link for the payment, once payment done you will get your invitation.

  • What if I cancel ?

Incase of cancellation as per terms we will refund your money, or you can keep it for future use. Incase of cancellation after the advanced time, will be no refund.

  • How much is the service Fee?

Each Event will be in a different price, you will see the price mentioned in each event.

If you have any question  :

  • Text us on Instagram or send us Email